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Treasure the memory of your loved one with a unique, custom-designed glass creation, incorporating and preserving a small amount of the cremation ashes. You can always talk to us and choose different colours.

Hand-made through the processes of Flameworking and Kilnworking, our artists combine the ashes with melted glass, shaping it into a pendant, a figurine, or a highly Personalised piece of your own design.

Instruction for order:

1. Place your order 
2. Collect 1 teaspoon of ashes in a zipper pouch
3. Send the container to the following address, please include your name and contact information

22 Glengarry Drive
Winnipeg, Canada
R3T 2J6

4. After we receive the ashes, we will process the order and have it ready in 7 business days. 
5. We will send you pictures of the finished cremation piece.
6. After your confirmation, we will send you the necklace, and the rest of the ashes to you.

Cremation Heart Necklace

  •  1"x1"


    Due to the artistic nature of our work, you can expect slight variations in the size and shape of each individual piece, making it unique from any other. We are happy to send pictures of your completed piece, pending your approval before we ship it out at your request!

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